24 January 2015

Happy Weekend!

Union Station- how beautiful! Look at that ceiling!

I have had quite the week! I got the chance through my school to spend 2 days in Washington, DC fpr the annual March for Life. DC is my favorite city in America. I love the history, but I also love the vibe of downtown. I would happily go to college there in a heartbeat! Be on the look out for a trip report soon! For now here's what I'm loving this week!

I died a little when I saw this. Literally my two favorite things- barn doors and pretty colors!
This basket!! (Insert heart eyes emoji here)
This is why I'm hot.

I love every pattern, but especially the scalloped! #Anthrofave!
Ok Anthro does it again. Now all I need is a iPhone 6!
Everyone needs a pair of these! Love sunnies!

This whole coke party would be perfect for a super bowl party!
My family has so many old home videos on film. We have to do this!
I didn't know if I should put this adorable balloon under DIY or buy so I'm just feeling inspired by it for now!
There's also this balloon! Love it!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend and week!


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