27 June 2014

DIY Phone Charger Update

Phone chargers are something that I think don't get that much attention. We use them everyday and basically rely on them to make sure that our phones are being charged. Well, I thought that it would be cute to update my phone charger with only ONE material. The only thing that you need to make an adorable update to your phone charger is washi tape.

I'm so obsessed with washi tape! These are just a fraction of my collection!

So all you have to do is take your phone charger and line up the washi tape with the edge of the charger and carefully wrap the tape around until it meets the tape. Then you can just cut it off. You may have to make another row, depending on the width of your tape (for the chevron charger I made I had to do a second row). If you do have to make another row, just line it up depending on design and wrap it around. Next just tape a very small piece and wrap it around the part that you plug into your phone. And voila! It's that simple! 

Depending on the tape you buy, this project may only cost 2-3 dollars. Washi tape can also be found in most craft stores (like Joanns or Michaels) and there are also some different ones at target. Not only that, but you can find different etsy stores that sell it and some of the patterns are absolutely to die for. Swoon. My friends have already commented on it and want me to wrap theirs too! 

xoxo, Sarah