17 January 2015

Happy Weekend!

I ask myself this everyday. Love me some Queen B.

This week. It's not been very easy. The only highlight was no school Monday! I've been swamped with school work, got pink eye (eww!), and haven't had anytime to think about blogging. To add to all of that I think my laptop has a virus. Uh oh! I'm by no means complaining, and know it could be a lot worse, but really! Everyday this week I've had points where I just needed to stop and ask myself "What would Beyonce do Sarah?" 

Here's to next week looking better! I get to go to my favorite city Wednesday and Thursday!! Can you guess which one? (Hint: It's DC) And at least it's the weekend!

I need someone to make these for!! Any takers?
Two ingredients? I don't even believe it. People- I can't even!
I couldn't find a good like for this- but wow! Smoothie party!

Oooh love this! Perfect for a desk.
Like the title of the post- Totally Pretty, Totally Free.
Arm Candy is dandy!

Orion's belt has nothing on this. Boom.
Love the saying on this shirt
Shorts that are for comfortable, cute, and monogrammed? I'll take ten!

If only I could have had a sweet 16 like this
Hey bloggers at there- looking for tips on taking better pictures? Look no longer!!
I'm always on the look out for good hand lettering!


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