10 January 2015

Happy Weekend!

Forever wishing I was back somewhere hot and relaxing. So when does summer start again?

Wow what a week it has been! Instead of heading back to school on Monday, I was stuck sick in bed with a fever. After feeling terrible all day, but planning to go back to school Tuesday, I woke up to 3-5 inches of snow and cancelled school! A two-hour delay on Wednesday, and another snow day Thursday due to a wind chill of more than -25 degrees is how I spent the ending of my week. This week has been all about lounging.

I've seen this floating around for a while. It might actually be time to use it.
For above, use this adorable guide to help mix things up!
Perfect for busy mornings back to school and staying healthy

I've been looking for something to make for my desk and I think I've found it.
This may sound weird without checking out the link but, I'm a fan of the polka dot moose.
This tutorial is in a different language but the pictures help you. Just try and translate on Google translate! LOL.

Oh my. I love this. But the best color is sold out. :(
Funny Story. I saw this necklace on someone's Instagram picture, only saying it was from Etsy (not which shop) so I looked and looked and after looking all night I ACTUALLY FOUND IT! I need it.

Just for fun but also helpful! Follow these tips!
If you liked the first link under Inspire there's a whole series to read! Like what!? Total swoon.
I think I need to follow this graphic to wake up earlier.
How terribly adorable is this sign for a fondue party! It's decided. I must have a dip-everything-in-chocolate party. You all are invited.



  1. We have had several snow days in a row here too!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

    1. So over it and it's only January!