13 July 2016

A Year Later

Hey all! Remember me?

My oh my. Where has time even gone. It's been nearly a year since my last post. And so much has changed during that year! Thinking back it seems like I was blogging just yesterday, but it's hard to believe it's been a year!

There's not much to say as to why I took a break. Honestly, I don't even know why I stopped. I have always loved blogging and using this space as a creative outlet. Life just caught up with me back in July 2015 and I spent a lot of time enjoying the time I had with the people I care about. I spent my senior year of high school just living. In saying that, there is so much to update for the past year, and so many exciting things to look forward to in the years to come!

So what happened in July 2015?

  • I had a very blogger worthy picnic with one of my favorites! Catch up on this fun over at Meg's blog! Still dreaming about those perfect bow cookies. yum!
  • I also spent a week in Washington, DC visiting and nannying close family friends. I have always been in love with DC and this trip really made me wish I lived there! From exploring Georgetown to riding the metro into Downtown, it was an amazing trip.

August 2015

  • For my senior year, I was one of the captains of our school's Dance Team. It's a team of 75 girls! I've done it all four years of high school. There were 6 of us- here we all are!
  • Things got crazy when I decided to go cliff jumping.... Check out a video here! EEP!
  • My friends and I tried to soak up the last bit of summer we had left, so we went camping of course! (In our friends backyard shhhhh)
  • Cross Country started back up and I went to my third and final full team sleepover. It's tradition to TP all the senior boys, and we did a killer job.

September 2015

  • I was in a flashmob!
  • Labor day proved to be quite a good one in 2015. Every Labor Day my high school puts on a festival with food, rides, and entertainment. And this year we had quite a high flying time
  • Cross Country was too much fun in September. Every weekend was spent with some of my favorite people. DOing one of my least favorite things- running. Did I mention I did cross country with Meg!?
  • And I ended the month with a life changing retreat. My school requires all seniors to go on a retreat called Kairos their senior year. And it was hands down one of the best memories of high school.

October 2015

  • October brought colder weather, and a very rainy Homecomign football game.
  • My senior Homecoming dance was an amazing time!
  • October is also when I said goodbye to running cross country. And celebrated after our last race with ice cream!
  • I had senior night for the dance team.
  • And got to pet a goat at fall Turnabout. (Girl ask guy event at a local farm!)

November 2015

  • Remember Kairos from September? Well in November I was planning the next Kairos event for my classmates because I was chosen to be a leader. Our theme was Dr. Seuss books and my small groups theme was the Lorax. I spent most of November preparing for the retreat.
  • Thanksgiving 2015. Yum.
  • Friendsgiving 2015. Fun.

December 2015

  • The time finally came to go on my second Kairos retreat as a leader! What an absolutely incredible time. Love my bergabuds!
  • Squadsmas 2015 was so much fun. I came home that night with a new robe and a giant pink unicorn.
  • The dance team preformed our Christmas routine at a college basketball halftime! It was infront of 10,000 people. Amazing.
  • We spent our actual Christmas in Naples, Florida visiting our Grandpa.
  • Don't worry we didn't fully escape the Midwest winter by going to Florida, we had plenty of ice cream to keep us cold.

January 2016
(Happy 2016!!!)

  • Rang in the New Year with friends.
  • I was supposed to go to Washington, DC to march in the annual March for Life again this year (Remember when I went last year) Sadly, the trip was cancelled due to snowy weather. We didn't let that stop us. Our senior class pulled together and rallied schools across our area to participate in what we were calling a mini-march!
  • I got to emcee our schools talent show! Talk about a crazy fun time on stage.

February 2016

  • Dance team came to a close, but we celebrated by thanking someone who made our year special. I chose my sister :)
  • I went ice skating for the second time since I was like 5!
  • I made super fun cakepops for a friend in college

March 2016

  • I went on yet another retreat. This one was called Worlds Greatest and it was with a bunch of kids from different schools from across the state.
  • I was in my last musical. It was Aida at my high school. I was a nubian!
  • At the end of March I left to go on my senior spring break in Siesta Key!

April 2016

  • As we got closer to graduation, we started planning our graduation party!
  • I went to our spring Turnabout dance. The theme was Hawaiian
  • I got asked to Prom!
  • I decided where I was going to go to college next year. See you soon Clemson!

May 2016

  • I had a great time at my senior Prom!
  • My senior class went crazy with our senior prank.... and we got in big trouble
  • I graduated high school!!
  • The day after graduating I turned 18 and my friends threw me a surprise party- oh what fun!
  • I went to far too many graduation parties and ate way too much cake (if there is such a thing as way too much cake)

June 2016

  • Summertime and the living is easy!
  • I got my first job for the summer
  • Soaking up the time I have left with friends as I prepared to say goodbye to them far too soon. This means going to many bonfires and staying out far past midnight

And that brings us to currently.....

I just got my wisdom teeth out and I can't believe I'm moving to college in exactly a month. I'm trying to make the best of this summer, like I said earlier. I've realized how much I've missed this little blog and decided to come back, even if it's just for a little bit.

So that's been my life. I'm glad I took this break to really enjoy my senior year. It really all went far too quick! I can't believe I graduated. I can't wait for the next chapter and to bring you guys along too!


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