18 May 2015

Happy Weekend!

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(Happy Monday- I'm a little behind on posting this!)

It's May. Oh my. The last time I posted anything was in February! This break was crazy, but definitely one I needed to take. I've been so busy working on a bunch of different projects and going to school. It's hard to believe I'm going to be a senior in only a few weeks. But, with school coming to a close, that means summer! And summer means a whole lot more time to blog and keep you updated on whats going on. So to kick off more time and more blogging here's what I've been loving these past months!

Orange pancakes yum
These shocked me at first. But I'm really interested in trying to make them.
Long list of salads for the summer! they all look delicious.

Aww. Look how cute! I'm making these.
Perfect for hosting summer brunches!

Donuts. That is all.
From my parents for my birthday I am asking for a pair of real sunglasses! Can't decide between black or tortoise shell. Any thoughts?

My summer Pinterest board has me dying for summer!
Not only is the first day of summer on my birthday, but so is the ZAC BROWN BAND CONCERT! If you need me I'll be singing this on repeat until the May 22 gets here.
I had so much fun designing this amazing girls blog. I love how it turned out!



  1. So glad your back and looking forward to more posts!

    xoxo Maria | mariainmay.blogspot.com

  2. Tell me if you end up making the kiwi chips! Glad to see you are back and blogging :)