24 May 2015

Happy Weekend! (+Update!)

Whew. Happy Sunday to you all! And for me officially- Happy summer! It has been such a long and busy year, but an exciting one at least. If you are still in school- good luck, especially if you have upcoming exams. My only advice is to stop reading and start studying! But in all honesty, you will be fabulous and surely pass :)

Friday was a crazy day for me. I turned seventeen! I also went to the Zac Brown Band concert! Talk about a great time! It was so much fun to get to hang out with close friends and listen to their great music! Now I can't stop singing Homegrown! Too good.

In other exciting news- Thursday I will be in London. Eeeeep!! This is going to be my first time being officially out of the country and I cannot wait to put my passport to good use. I will also be going around France and stopping in Paris for the final days. I'm a little nervous for the plane ride (8 full hours- oh god) but know once I'm in Europe I will have the time of my life.

I've been getting some questions about my trip and here's what I have to say. First off I am going through my school and with a pretty good size group, so that means my teacher will be there and its going to be all tourism all the time! Second, my mom is coming with me which makes me really happy and we will sure have fun. The only thing is my mom doesn't know one word of French at all. Beside from bonjour. Which leads to my next point, I have been taking french class through all 3 years at high school and took it for two years in middle school as well as many different years in grade school. So, I fell like I'm pretty prepared for being able to speak and have had all the way up to French 4, but only really being there can we know!

So basically I'm in total preparation for my trip at this point, getting last minute things and packing my bag, and I have barely anytime to sit still, but I do plan on bringing along my camera and doing a huge trip report once I get back (June 8). Look forward for that! I will also not be able to get on social media during my trip so I will be offline starting Thursday! I cannot wait and I can't believe that I'm leaving so soon it feels like yesterday my mom agree to sign up and that was almost a year ago now. Wow! After all of that how about we get to some links I'm loving this weekend!


So pretty! So fun!
I should've done this for my birthday yesterday!
I'm making this for one of my sisters for sure. I love friends!

If only these shorts weren't SOLD OUT! I am obsessed with the pattern!
Oh my god! How cute is this dress?! And it's American Eagle- I always have gift cards to American Eagle!
Love Love Love this Kate Spade wallet! The contrasting colors are life.
Okay. Can you just imagine lounging in the pool water on this?!

Can I get an AMEN to this.
I will be in London on Thursday. Whaaaaaat?? I better get packing!
How bout what NOT to do in Paris? 

I'm also in search for the best macarons in Paris. Anyone had the best macaron and Paris and mind sharing?


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  1. I've never actually had a macaron, but I really want to try one!

    Running Alyssa