15 November 2014

Happy Weekend!

{Staying organized, planning this week, and finishing up Christmas shopping lists- eep!}

Hello! Hope this week has been treating you well. Aren't we all glad it's the weekend? This week I have really been looking forward to Thanksgiving and a much needed break from school- it cannot come soon enough! To help pass the time until the turkey is eaten here's a list of what I'm loving this week.

For all the pie lovers out there (me included)
Yummy! Looks delicious!
I'm trying to hold onto pumpkin everything before it all turns peppermint!

Oh my word. Swoon.
I love making these- and this is such a great tutorial if you want to learn too!
This would add so much color to any room.

I need this water bottle. It's been on my wish list for forever.
I've always wanted one really nice chair- think of the homework I could get done on this!

Add some color to Thanksgiving this year! How cute!
In case you missed this- I'm not sure what to think! Only thing I know is this song has been stuck in my head alllllll week.
Good resource for boot lovers like me. Especially since it's boot season!


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