28 July 2014

Snow Cone Garland

While searching through Pinterest last week I stumbled upon the most adorable pin I had ever seen. I immediately clicked on it and the link took me to Ez's Blog- Creature Comfort. I fell in love! I knew from then on that I would have to make this adorable snow cone garland- and share it with you!

This was surprisingly easy to do and I am in love with the end product!

Yay for computer drawn arrows ;)

You will need all the supplies seen above, plus some toothpicks or skewers and the template below. Also, you can use any type of glitter- or none at all! It doesn't make a difference. I ended up not using any glitter because the glitter flakes seen above didn't look like I wanted them to.

Now to start take your Styrofoam balls (I found mine at Joanns in a pack of 12) and paint them any colors that you would like! This is where you may want to use toothpicks so it is easier to paint and you don't end up looking like a Smurf with blue hands. If you are adding glitter this is the time when you should sprinkle on the glitter and what not.

Wahoo! On to the cutting of your template. I used this template from template maker, but you can really use any template and depending on the size Styrofoam balls you get you may have to adjust- but it's all good! You want to print out the template on a good, thick piece of card stock or whatever you have lying around your house and cut, cut, cut. Then to save ink,  I just traced the rest and cut all those out as well.

After you have cut you can fold them up and, using your hot glue gun, glue the cones together. Let everything dry- including your Styrofoam balls- before moving on. Now take one of the cones you just made and add hot glue to the inside edge. Quickly take one of the Styrofoam balls and put it in the cone, pressing where it meets up with the hot glue. Repeat for all the cones you made.

All that is left to do is string them all together! Taking the twine and possibly a ruler, see how far apart you want your snow cones to be. (Remember to leave room on the twine to hang) Once you've decided spacing, take a cute little cone and make a hot glue dot on the top and press the twine in to it. Be careful with this step!!!!!*** You don't want to burn your fingers! Continue to glue the snow cones to the twine until you are all finished. Now all that's left is to obsess over the cuteness and possibly use for your next snow cone stand. Or just hang it tree, or your room.

Whatever you end up doing with it, this fun little garland is perfect for the end of summer and looks so sweet! (pun intended) I hope you are all having a great summer! Thanks again to Ez for her amazing idea- it is just so fun!!

xoxo, Sarah


  1. Your blog is so so so cute!! Found you through Undeniable... so excited to start working together!
    xoxo, Jamie

    1. Thanks so much Jamie! I can't wait to work with you either!